Welcome to Callisto – CLO

Welcome to Callisto – CLO

As many of you are aware, we successfully launched the Callisto (CLO) main net on April 15th, 2018.

We would like to thank our community for the outstanding support shown to us during the launch, and in the months leading up to our launch.

Within a few days of having launched our main net, we have achieved some great milestones;

  • Reached an all-time high of 5 TH/s (#Ethash), this is almost on par with the hashing power of ETC;
  • New exchanges such as simpleswap.io have confirmed that they will support us, please follow our official twitter channel for the latest news and updates;
  • Integration of CLO into the Guarda wallet: see link here on how to claim;
  • Integration of CLO into the Trust wallet: see link here on how to claim

The team is working hard in the background to bring Callisto to even more exchanges and to improve the Callisto Network.

Our team operates in complete transparency on all financial matters involving Callisto.  For more information on our payments policy, click here.

Stay tuned and follow our blog for more information on Callisto.  For future developments, please sign up to our official communication channels:

See you all very soon!

Callisto Team