Using MetaMask with Callisto

MetaMask is an extension available for Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Opera, that allows you to store, send, and receive ETH and ERC20 tokens in your web browser. Since Callisto is based on Ethereum, it is possible to use MetaMask to send and receive native Callisto coins.

This tutorial presents the step-by-step method to configure Metamask for Callisto Network.


To get started, you have to download MetaMask, and create or import an Ethereum wallet.

1. Setup MetaMask for Callisto

1.1 Click on the network selection menu.

1.2 Select “Custom RPC”.

1.3 Enter the following parameters then press “Save”.

  • Network Name: Callisto
  • New RPC URL:
  • ChainID: 820
  • Symbol: CLO
  • Block Explorer URL:

Your MetaMask wallet is now connected to Callisto Network!

2. Sending and Tracking Transactions

2.1 Click on the “Send” button.

2.2 Enter the recipient address.

2.3 Enter the transaction amount (1), select the transaction fee (2), click on “Next” (3) and then confirm the transaction by clicking on “Confirm” (4).

2.4 Wait for the transaction to be recorded in the blockchain (1), the transaction is confirmed (2).

All transactions sent to the Callisto Network can be tracked using Callisto explorer.

Please note that MetaMask is designed for Ethereum, so the transactions will be labeled as ETH, even if you transfer native Callisto coins.