Monthly Report June 2019

We will be doing a recap about the most important things that have been done by Callisto.Network during this month.

Starting with the most important (and the number one priority this month) change, we have performed a successful HardFork that included massive changes to our Monetary Policy. 

I will do a brief explanation in case you have missed it: Block Reward reduction -presented for multiple reasons (give the miners a most valuable coin to mine, reduce the emission rate, increase the estimated date for the last block to be mined) – Distribution percentages changed to benefit cold staking rewards.

If you want to take a look at and know more, you can check the full explanation here.

Related to the HF, we have released a fully compatible Parity version of it. You can check out more in

The website has been modified and updated, so it’s synced with the latest news related to the performed Hardfork and the one that will take place in the future, allowing everyone to have public knowledge of when is the next HF (In this case, Constantinople implementation)

We have been doing a technical upgrade, changing old bootnodes for brand new bootnodes (bigger than the old ones) to ensure better performance and stability.

Callisto Hub is going to get released in the next few days; this has been one of the most expected add-ons that will bring new usability and possibilities for the blockchain itself.

Callisto official web wallet rebrand and redesign was also under development; the team is still working to bring it to life, but much progress has been made during this month.

We will be releasing a MM (Market Making) feature on Bitfinex to provide liquidity, stability, and a clean order book. The goal is to get a robust market on this top leading exchange. We encourage $CLO buyers/holders/traders/sellers to start trading in there. With a constant movement on this market, we are confident that we will get more exposure over Bitfinex users.

A Google ads campaign has been set up, and it’s ready to be launched. This time we have made different designs for displays ads. It hasn’t been launched yet because we wanted to get the max exposure possible under the Crypto-leading countries. We need a certificate from Google to be able to do it. We have conducted the application form and issued everything to get the certification.

We have started a partnership as the official security auditors of the Hubi exchange platform. We will be protecting crypto investors running security audits to the coins listed on the platform. and Callisto have started a partnership and now we’re the official auditors of the NativeGaming platform. It is a long term partnership that will bring quality projects to our auditing queue.

We have applied on Binance Exchange. We have issued and conducted the formal listing application.

We have started to work on an interchain token $CLOB to directly connect $CLO with Binance Blockchain.

During June we have done a total of 17 audits. We found a total of 63 low severity issues, 13 medium severity issues, and one high severity issue.

Contracts audited:

  • #Cryptonomica EthID Tokens v.2#LuckyStrike v4
  • #Bills of exchange factory
  • #Airswap
  • #AXM Token
  • #SafeUpgradeableTokenERC20
  • #Tronempire
  • #SymVerse
  • #Pundi X (#NPXS) Token
  • #OMNIS 
  • #SelfKey
  • #Kriptotrackers ICO
  • #Nexo
  • #TerraEco Token
  • #Ethmoji
  • #Cryptonomica EthID Tokens v.2
  • #Lucky Strike v5

A lot of work and progress has been done during this month, as we are fully committed to this project that is a big part of our life.