Callisto Monthly Progress Report | May 2018

Its been a very busy month for us at Callisto. We announced a lot of updates to our community and have been making steady progress as a team.  One of the main reasons we decided to release a monthly progress report is so you can stay up to date with all of our monthly highlights in one place.

Here is a summary for the month of May:

Partnerships & Exchange listings

We had our first exchange listing at (pairs CLO/BTC, CLO/LTC and CLO/USDT) and it was received well by the community with some healthy trading volume.

After the listing at, we confirmed our second exchange listing with BiteBTC, an exchange out of Singapore.

Our third exchange listing came a few days ago with HQEX. This is a fairly new exchange, currently with a low trading volume.

On June 1st, 2018 we will be listed on OOOBTC, this is another exchange based out of Singapore with a very healthy trading volume.  Based on 24 Hour volume rankings OOOBTC usually ranks in the top 50 Exchanges.  You can view the ranking of exchanges by volume here.  This is a big step for Callisto in regards to trading volume and we will continue to work hard to bring you even more exchanges that are in the top 50 by volume.


We created two community contests during the month of May.

One was the CLO infographic contest where we are asking our community to create a CLO infographic which showcases Callisto to the rest of the Crypto world, and gives a visual understanding of CLO to our community. The contest is still open and participants can submit their artwork via Twitter #CallistoContest until June 8th, 2018.

Our second contest was all about community engagement and engaging with us via social media.
Please see our blog post for more info.

Treasury funds will be used to fund these two contests.

Cold Staking

This particular topic seems to generate a lot of questions on when it will be released and how it will work.  We have implemented the Cold Staking protocol 3.0.  We will re-launch the testnet soon.  If everything works as expected we could start test staking within the next 1-2 weeks.

More information can be found on Github here.

Working at Callisto

The Callisto Team is looking for the following:

  • Smart-contract security auditors. The job of the security auditors is to review smart contracts for errors and publish reports.

We require 3 staff:

  • Junior security auditor: 17,500 CLO/month (programmer with a lack of experience of developing/security auditing in smart contracts).
  • Mid-level security auditor: 60,000 CLO/month.
  • Senior security auditor: 120,000 CLO/month (expert security auditor with a good auditing experience).

Please see here for more information!

  • Privacy protocol implementation (zero-coin/bulletproof)

The Callisto team allocates 6,000,000 CLO to implement one of the following zero-knowledge privacy protocols:

We are willing to hire a developer or a group of developers to implement one of the described protocols on the rust-callisto client (a port of Ethereum’s Parity).

Please see here for more information!

We like to thank you again for being a growing and supportive community. Please do not forget to follow us on our official channels.

Callisto in the media:

Lastly a big thank you to all that have already joined us!