Introducing Galileo – New Blockchain Explorer

One of the next deliverables of Callisto’s roadmap is the development of a new Blockchain Explorer called Galileo. Although the development hasn’t commenced yet, we are happy to share the keyfigures with the community.

Why do we need a new Blockchain Explorer?

  1. The current Explorer is outdated
  2. Poorly expandable
  3. Ugly layout
  4. Only one Blockchain visible
  5. Bugs

Which features will Galileo support?

  • Multi Blockchain Support (ETH, ETC, CLO, …) + TestNet
  • Token Support
  • Gas Support
  • Contract Support
    • Transactions, Internal transactions, Bytecodes, source code
  • API
  • User Area
    • Private comments
    • Save addresses, Currencies, Language
  • Comment function
  • View Cold Staking Callisto
  • View Contract Audited by Callisto

Overview Development

  1. Start of development 01/10/2018
  2. Team
  • Stakeholder: @yograterol
  • Product Manager @ThunderHawk1080
  • Designer: @Gollum23@sampol18

If you have any suggestions or proposals, feel free to contact one of the team members. We also encourage you to contribute on the following channels:

Callisto Forum
Github Repo
Callisto Roadmap
Galileo Presentation