How do I claim my CLO coins from the airdrop?

This seems to be the never-ending question that our community asks.

A number of wallets have already written in their posts explaining how to claim your CLO, provided that you have your private key.

You can see a post from Guarda wallet HERE
You can see a post from Trust wallet HERE
You can see a post from Coinomi wallet HERE, and they also have a video HERE

If you don’t have any of these wallets or want to use the ClassicEtherWallet (or MyEtherWallet), then read on:

First, you will need to visit ClassicEtherWallet (CEW site: – this is the native wallet of the Callisto Network.

As a security precaution, its always a good idea to bookmark the above page to protect against phishing attacks of fraudulent sites impersonating the CEW site.  I would also recommend installing the Google Chrome Extension Cryptonite by MetaCert. Whenever you visit a verified crypto site or social media account, the Cryptonite shield turns from black to green in your toolbar – indicating that you are safe.

Once you open the ClassicEtherWallet, you will see a page that looks like this:

Claiming CLO

Once you are on the ClassicEtherWallet website, you will need to select the network from the top right hand corner:

Claiming CLO

As per the above, make sure to select CLO (

Once you have selected the CLO network, click on “Send Ether & Tokens” as per the below screenshot:

Claiming CLO


Now you can access your wallet. Choose how you would like to access your wallet and unlock it by selecting one of the following methods:

  • ClassicMask / MetaMask / Mist
  • Digital Bitbox
  • Ledger Wallet
  • Keystore File (UTC / JSON)
  • Mnemonic Phrase
  • Private Key

Claiming CLO

If you received your CLO from the airdrop with the ETC address you logged in with, you will see your CLO, as per the below screenshot:

Claiming CLO

From this particular screen, you will also be able to send your CLO to another wallet or exchange.

To send your CLO, fill out the “To Address” with the address that you want to send your CLO to and enter the “Amount to Send”. Default gas used for a transaction is 1800 GWEI, but this can be increased for faster transfers.

Claiming CLO


Click “Generate Transaction” and check if everything is okay.  Click “Send Transaction” when you are sure that everything is correctly input.

A pop-up will appear like the one below.  Double check that the destination address and the amount you are sending are correct.  Click “Yes, I am sure! Make transaction.”.

Claiming CLO

The transaction will now be submitted and broadcast to the network. The TX ID will display. You can click the TX ID to see it on the blockchain.

Please remember that if you held your CLO during the airdrop on an exchange, you will need to wait for the exchange to distribute CLO provided that they supported the airdrop. Please contact your individual exchange directly and ask them if and when they will distribute the airdrop.

Thank you for Reading!