Cold Staking guide on Coinomi Wallet

Cold Staking support on Coinomi Wallet

As announced previously by Coinomi, Callisto’s Cold Staking feature has been integrated into Coinomi Wallet. Coinomi offers great user experience on almost every platform, including Android and iOS devices. But there’s more to come, Coinomi’s desktop version will be launched very soon.

Coinomi Wallet has released the latest version (12 Nov, 2018) which includes Cold Staking dApp however it might take a while until the release is approved by Google Play and App Store.
Android users can alternatively install the updated app by downloading the latest .apk file from Coinomi’s official website.

Staking CLO using Coinomi Wallet on Android

  1. Create a Callisto wallet or choose an existing one from the menu on the left
  2. Navigate to the dApps tab (4th tab on the top), and click on ColdStaking
  3. On Deposit Amount, enter the amount you want to stake and continue by clicking on Deposit
  4. Enter your wallet password and click Confirm to start staking.
  5. Navigate back to Balance tab to see the amount sent to Cold Staking contract

A great guide on staking using Coinomi Wallet can also be found on the helpdesk page of Coinomi.

Notice! Please be aware that the app will not warn you in case you are already staking and you want to stake again. This has been addressed to the development team of Coinomi and will be added shortly.