Callisto Network roadmap 2019

One year ago, some awesome people came up with a bunch of great ideas to conceive this project called Callisto Network. Having a solid team behind, we now have real use case products instead of just ideas.

Around eight months ago, Callisto Mainnet was launched successfully. For the past 244 days, we have accomplished a lot of goals and reached significant milestones. For example, we have done +100 audits and released the Cold Staking protocol with more than 2.5M USD in CLO generating passive income to the stakers.

My name is Yohan Graterol. I started as Callisto CTO, and now I am the CEO of this great enterprise. I’m proud to announce the launch of our new roadmap for the first two quarters of 2019.


Q1 2019

Q1 .1 Analyze  constantinople behavior for further implementation on Callisto Network Blockchain HardFork #1 of 2019

Q1 .2 Start researching a new monetary policy to be included in HardFork #1 of 2019

Q1 .3 Continue looking for a satisfactory IPFS to implement on Callisto Network

Q2 2019

Q2 .1 Reward program will be implemented for tech writers who will write about Callisto and its technology. The rewards will depend on the quality and effort of the freelance writers. The posts – tutorials – opinions – and whatever we  think will be good enough will be posted on the Callisto official forum. The best ones will be also posted on the Callisto official channels. A reward table will be implemented and Callisto will create a team that will check, verify and qualify the job and determine what will the reward be if the post accomplishes quality level.

Q2 .2 Start running Web assembly on Clo test-net for further implementation.

Q2 .3 We will be looking forward to increasing and improving our community with PR. For this matter, we will get Advisors on board who will let the world know about CLO.

Q2 .4  19/07 – Planned HardFork 2019  #1

Callisto has a strong team, which includes administrators, moderators, developers, marketing staff, security auditors, designers, advisors and external collaborators. I’m sure that our team will easily reach each milestone for this roadmap.

Callisto is adopting a model of roadmap by two quarters, the next big update of the roadmap will be released in June 2019.

This roadmap will be reviewed each month and changes may be introduced.

Do you want to add a new feature or product to this roadmap? Please write to me: [email protected]