Callisto Network Marketing Plan

There have been many discussions inside our beloved community about marketing at Callisto, so I’ve decided to shed some light on our efforts and plans.  Our marketing team has done a lot of work under the hood in the past two months.  After our new website launch on August, 1st, 2018, we’ll start promoting our coin and our smart contract auditing services proactively.

I’ve done some research in the past few months and came up with the next target markets for Callisto Network.

Target Market: Smart-Contract Developers

We have to show the pros and cons of auditing smart contracts on our platform for developers.

Our unique selling position: Free smart-contract audits.  On average, a security audit for an ICO smart contract costs around $1,500, and we can offer the same service for free.

Available Marketing Inventory:

  • Callisto website: after the new website launch, there will be a page about our services.  We’ve also created a nice looking design for our audit reports, instead of plain markdown text reports.


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  • Community (Discord/Telegram/Social Media): There was a lot of FLUD, gifs, fud, spam and so on.  Our main Telegram channel was even blocked (flagged as NSFW), and we lost about 3,000 members.  With our new website launch, we’ll present community guidelines with a transparent workflow for moderators and rules of behavior for community members.

Paid/Earned Media:

  • Google Adwords: We’ve created an advertising campaign, which will begin shortly after the new website launch;
  • Other PPC: Planned Twitter ads, Linkedin ads, Quora ads – as soon as we can target Solidity developers (additional research required);
  • StackExchange: PPC, PPV, Ambassadors/Evangelists (additional research required);
  • Guest Blogging: we need a technical writer with in-depth knowledge of smart contracts and the blockchain industry.

Problems so far:

  • Lack of expert-level content for developers (articles, how-to guides, etc.).  We’ve created transparent rules for freelance writers and will soon hire more writers.
  • We need Evangelists in our team who will work exclusively with developers (or some form of dedicated developer support).  We’ve hired a security audit manager who works with customers and security auditors.
  • We need sales, not just a new website with ads and sit around waiting patiently for customers to appear.  According to ICO Data there were 973 ICOs in 2018, and this doesn’t count dAPPs which also require security audits.  That’s our market and we have to actively work toward increasing our market share.  We are now forming a sales department and hiring a sales representative to reach out to ICOs and proactively offer our services.

Target Market: End Users

We have to show the value of buying and holding CLO.

Our unique selling position: The first coin to offer cold staking.  You can buy CLO and earn passive income with cold staking.  Its the most straightforward way of earning interest on crypto at the moment; you don’t need to buy and setup mining rigs or hassle with installing and maintaining masternodes.

Available Marketing Inventory:

  • Callisto website: We’ll showcase how cold staking works and include a calculator to simulate earnings with cold staking on our new website;
  • Bitcointalk ANN, and Bitcointalk bounties.  We already launched a few bounty campaigns in recent months, and we’ll run more advertising on Bitcointalk in the future;
  • Various Coinmarketcap-type sites, coin charts sites, and coin rating sites.  Currently, we are already on the most influential sites such as CMC, Cryptocompare, Coingecko, and so on.  We will probably launch a dedicated advertising campaign on Cryptocompare or Coinmarketcap, when daily CLO trading volume will allow us to sell enough coins from the treasury fund without negatively impacting the market;
  • Community (Discord/Telegram/Social Media): We now have nine Community managers/Telegram admins and a Head of Community overseeing their performance.  They work around the clock to answer questions and to clarify anything and everything for our community members.

Paid/Earned Media:

  • Google Adwords: We’ve planned an advertising campaign to highlight our cold staking feature.  However, it will depend on our ability to sell CLO from the treasury fund, since we can’t pay for Adwords in crypto;
  • Social Media: Twitter, FB, Reddit.  A social media advertising campaign has been planned, it will begin approximately 2-3 weeks after the new website launch;
  • Youtube: We’ve done some research and negotiated with Youtube bloggers.  Very few high-quality bloggers were willing to accept payment in CLO, so we need to sell CLO from the treasury fund to finance this;
  • Guest blogging and sponsored articles.  We’ve already posted some articles here and there and will post more in the future.  However, this activity is also directly related to our ability to sell CLO from the treasury fund.

Problems so far:

  • Lack of respectable exchanges, low trading volume.  The first thing I did after joining the Callisto Team was to organize our exchange listing strategy.  We now have a list of all exchanges that were contacted, and a process to track all exchange-related activities.  Our marketing team is working with the founders to get CLO listed on exchanges with higher trading volume.  However, as I recently mentioned on Discord, the main reason why CLO is not yet listed on every exchange in the world is because of our limited resources.  We are not yet-another-fancy-ICO with a bunch of ETH ready to go as soon as the ICO launches.

Brand Awareness, Trust, and Transparency

We have to answer these questions whenever and wherever they are asked: “What is Callisto and CLO?”, “Who is behind CLO?”, “What is the Callisto Team doing to ensure the project’s success?”.

Available Marketing Inventory:

  • Callisto website: We’ve had a lot of questions about our team, their background and why investors should trust them.  On the new site, the “Our Team” section was completely overhauled, and now most of the team members are listed by their real names, real photos, links to social media accounts and have short bios.  We still have a few members who wish to remain anonymous for some reason.  I’m looking at you Dexaran 🙂
    We also publish a monthly report on our overall team progress on our blog and newsletter.  Since we strive for full transparency, our financial statement also got a facelift on the new website;
  • Bitcointalk ANN: Our thread is pretty active with close to 100 pages of discussions and answers.  One of our founders – Yohan Graterol personally interacts with the community to answer questions;
  • Community and Social Media: We are now doing bi-weekly community AMAs with the team founders, with recaps posted on our blog and social media channels.  We’ll rotate various platforms for AMA such as our Discord, Telegram group, and Reddit.  We plan to do it on Youtube eventually, but our existing community channels are our main priority at the moment.


Wrapping up, the team is working hard, but success doesn’t come overnight.