Callisto Network major updates

The new Monetary Policy is ready to be deployed on a testnet environment. It will take place on 15 May 2019 for testing and debugging before the official #Hardfork.

f2pool, one of the largest pool on earth will be opening a mining pool for CLO on 13 May 2019. A significant achievement to expand our network and decentralize it even more

Callisto.Hub, a web browser extension will be released to help with the adoption of the CLO blockchain. dApps developers will be able to use it and implement it on their creations.
At the same time, end users will enjoy the usability of it to manage their founds.

Official Callisto.Network wallet is being developed from scratch. It will enjoy a new fresh design that will make every action more comfortable than ever before. You will be able to manage your wallet and do everything you need from it straightforwardly!