Callisto Network Affiliate Program launches today

Today we’re excited to launch a new referral program that will pay you 20000 CLO for any qualified Smart Contract Audit lead that you refer to us.
You can signup here:

And just a few boring words about our Affiliate Program most important rule:

You cannot SPAM. We will terminate Your Account on the first offense of spamming of any kind. Do not spam on Telegram groups, Discord servers or any other channels that you do not have permission to send them to. We cannot stress this enough, we will terminate Your Account on the first offense. 

How to join Callisto Network affiliate program?

1. Read the Terms and Conditions and sign up at   

2.   Setup your profile settings


Remember: you have to use real values, we’ll reject everyone with fake data.

Provide as many details as you can about how are you going to promote our service.

3. Provide your payment details

Fill your CLO wallet at last step:

4. Wait for approval email