Callisto Network: A New Vision Of The Future

Earlier Stages of Development

Callisto Network being still at an early stage has successfully achieved some of its goals. With Dexaran being the CEO of the project we had a lot of progress but not everything always goes the way we expect to go.

As already mentioned by Dexaran, he has been struggling with his health condition lately which often caused his absence to the team. This also led to a confusion among the community.
In addition, with his identity being hidden it wasn’t either practical to get in touch when it came to make decisions at a certain time.

Dexaran’s point of view in regard to KYC and exchange listings is somehow different compared to what community expects. Getting Callisto Network listed on larger exchange requires Callisto to be incorporated as a legal entity – company, something that’s against Dexaran’s principles. Creating Callisto as a company means there’s a owner while Callisto’s fundamentals are to be a community driven project.

2Miners As External Partners

Being faced with internal disagreements and difficulties, thanks to Nikita (our former Head of Marketing), we managed to get in touch with the founders of 2miners. They stepped in to help us incorporate Callisto company in Estonia.
Our team tried to negotiate their participation within Callisto Network but couldn’t get to an agreement. So they decided to leave the team.
Callisto will reward Mikhail (@DuDlik) and Gleb (@bor) for their time, efforts and the creation of the company. Their contribution is undoubtedly appreciated.

New Organizational Structure – Dexaran resigns as CEO

Dexaran has chosen to work within Callisto as a researcher and developer but no longer as leader of the project (CEO). This is also the best option for the project and the personal situation he’s dealing with. He will continue his work together with Yury in the development of the smart contract for Cold Staking protocol.

New CEO and CTO

With Dexaran being Head of Research, Callisto Network has a new CEO. Yohan Graterol (@yograterol) will take on the responsibility of leading the project. We can now say that Callisto is led by someone who has an identity.
Carlos Sampol will be the new CTO and Head of Development. We’re also hiring new developers. At this moment we have an open job application for ReactJS developer. Applications can be sent to [email protected]

Company situation

Mikhail (2miners) is waiting for the incorporation documents and legal opinion for KYC procedure. We will use these document to comply with the KYC process of HitBTC. In the coming weeks Sampol and I will fly to Estonia to transfer the company from Mikhail to us.
Once this process is finished, we will have more possibilities in regard to other partners and it will facilitate our way to get more partners / exchanges onboard.

New Schema Payout

Due to the constant changes in the value of cryptocurrencies in general, we have decided to set the monthly salaries in American Dollars. The payment will still be made in CLO according to the exchange rate of the day.

The team will get a significant increase in CLO salary to keep the motivation high. We don’t want them working for Callisto Network and worrying about paying their bills. We want them to be fully committed to the project.

Concerning auditors, they will get paid depending on the tasks performed. For each audit they will receive a payment in CLO as shown in chart below:


Since financial transparency is a core value of the project, starting today we are going to have a new employee working as CFO. We will have a meet and greet with the community in the following days.

The responsibilities of the new CFO will be different, but will include:

  • Monitor of the revenues and expenditures of Callisto Network.
  • Create financial reports in connection to the growth of Callisto.
  • Keep a detailed control of the possible exchanges and the impact of the treasury fund.

New Auditors

We are scaling up our auditing team. At this moment Callisto Network has 8 auditors. Our smart contract auditing queue counts 30 open requests. So far we have handled 28 audits in 3 months with a small team. With more auditors in the team, we intend to audit up to 50 smart contracts monthly.

New Audit Platform

As the number of audit requests has increased, we have noticed that the requests have become a complicated process for auditors and for those requesting the audits. Therefore we have decided to create a platform where we can monitor each step of the auditing process – starting from its creation until the report is delivered. The whole process will be done without using Github and will be soon available on


Upcoming Features

Buy Feature

Buying CLO has never been easier. From the website you will be able to get CLO coins directly from the treasury fund in exchange for BTC, ETH and ETC. This will be available to everyone willing to participate in the Callisto’s ecosystem. With these funds we will be able to pay listing fees or external services that accept only BTC as payment method.

Advantages: No registration required. Our team doesn’t have to sell on exchanges which might affect the price of CLO. Liquidity will be intact as we will only sell a limited amount of coins per month.

Community Forum

Every member of the community is part of Callisto Network. Therefore we have opened a forum so that everyone can actively participate.

As an alternative to Reddit, the forum is a place where any Callisto related topic can be discussed. You can find it on:

Voting System on the forum

In the coming days we will introduce a voting system in our forum. This way we will be more in touch with the community votes. Using Callisto’s forum everyone will get the possibility to vote on important decisions like listing on a certain exchange, a new feature, team changes, etc.

Advantages: A community where thousands of people can think and decide is way better than a community where only a few can do that.