Callisto Monthly Progress Report | June, 2018

We’ve had another busy month here at Callisto.  Here’s a breakdown of the notable progress that we’ve made in the month of June:

Partnerships & Exchange Listing

We were officially listed on OOOBTC, this was the first top 50 Exchange we have been listed on and a big step in the right direction!  We are constantly working toward getting listed on more top 50 exchanges.

We have been listed on SimpleSwap, this is a nice anonymous exchange with no limits or KYC requirements.

As many of you know, we’re in the process of being listed on HitBTC.  Hold tight and we will update you with additional information as it becomes available.


The Bitcointalk bounty stage 1 has been completed and paid out. We enjoyed excellent collaboration with the community in getting tasks completed.

The CLO infographic contest has concluded.  Congratulations to @emmanmalaman for winning!  This contest was important, as the winning design will be used to represent Callisto not only within our own community, but also in the wider crypto community.  Another big thank you to the second and third place winners @VixMining and @grif707

The CLO community giveaway has also concluded.  Congratulations to the winners!  1st place goes to Farshad B, 2nd place to Ngo D, and 3rd place to Nguyenvanhoai.

Development Progress

Callisto network will be providing free security audits for EOS smart-contracts.

Currently, we have 5 security auditors employed, all of whom are currently working on open projects.  We are looking for a few more auditors to join our team. Here is the formal proposal.

  •        Junior security auditor: 17,500 CLO/month (entry-level programmer with no experience in developing smart contracts or security auditing with smart contracts).
  •        Mid-level security auditor: 60,000 CLO/month.
  •        Senior security auditor: 120,000 CLO/month (expert security auditor with relevant auditing experience)

The new Callisto website has been set to launch August 1st, 2018.

We have successfully mined our first half a million blocks!

The issue where wrong reward information was showing on has been fixed.

Community Updates

The Bitcointalk ANN has been updated

All Telegram channels have been updated to include both a news bot, and a rules bot.

The white paper version 1.2 has been translated into Russian and Chinese.  Currently we are working on Arabic and French versions.  The next step is to update the translations to match version 1.3.

An official Arabic Telegram group has been created.  @CallistoArabic

The following new channels are unofficial, however are still active.  They will be given official status when they pass a predetermined number of members.  @CallistoFrench, @CallistoSpain, @ CallistoKorean

We now have a few less community managers.  While they are fewer in number, they are now more efficient in their work.

  •        Twitter over 7,400 followers
  •        Telegram over 3,500 users have been migrated to the new room.
  •        Reddit over 2,400 followers
  •        Callisto is active on Facebook

 Finally, thank you to everyone who is already following our project on social media!