Callisto Monthly Progress Report | August, 2018

We’ve had another busy month here at Callisto Network. Here’s a breakdown of the notable progress that we’ve made in the month of August:


Current status of Hitbtc listing: we’are unable to complete KYC requirements (namely Legal Opinion letter) with Colombian lawyers. We decided to go with Malta or Estonia since those countries have better legal ground for crypto projects.  

Development on overall progress

New Affiliate program to promote Smart Contract Audits

Over 80 affiliates signed up just in two weeks since program starts, bringing us 14 new smart contract audit’s leads.

Google Adwords campaign

Twitter campaign

Partnership with ICO marketing agency CryNet.

The Crynet agency will offer our smart contract audit services to their customers running ICOs.

Development of  Audits Platform 

We decided to move our auditing workflow to our own platform from Github. The main purpose for that is a better, more flexible way of handling customers requests and storing completed audits into our own IPFS.  

Go Callisto and RUST 1.1 development for HF1

Cold staking first security audit and fixed  

Callisto listing on Etherscan Directory for smart contract auditing and security

New job posting – hiring a Jr. Frontend Developer

Implementation of Officiality Checker announced

20/08 Bi-weekly AMA held with Yohan Graterol 

Cold Staking implemented on testnet 

Callisto secure app created for Nano Ledger S by community 

06/08 Bi-weekly AMA held with Dexaran 

White Paper in German

White Paper in Arabic

Callisto Joins The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Community and social media updates

New Youtube channel 

New Instagram channel

Website was translated into 21 languages

Opened Chinese Weibo channel