‘’When does C3 start their work? What marketing plans do you have? How are you going to promote the project?’’, These are just a few of the repetitive questions we get daily, and we’re hoping you find answers to those questions after reading through.

As previously announced, we’ve engaged C3, a company that will be helping us release weekly updates and engage our community and drive new investors.

About C3

C3 is a company that has worked with many blockchain projects on marketing and advisory, including Nauticus, Datablockchain, Fanchain, Krios and Klickzie. They have a very experienced team in all aspects that are needed to properly manage a project and that’s exactly why we chose to work with them.

We have already announced our strategic partnership on our social media; They will help us communicate more effectively with the community and work with us in every aspect to increase $CLO value and Callisto brand.

About the campaign

We might have been quieter these last few months during the bear market, but unlike some other projects, we actually have done work and have some interesting updates on the way!

The main purpose of this blog post is to announce our 3 months community marketing engagement plan called “CALLISTO BOOST MONTHS” where we’ll be sharing a major update that could feature a new team member, exchange updates, new investors, new markets, product updates, bounties/airdrops or new tech updates every Friday.

We plan to announce all of these things and more over the next 3 months.

About $CLO

Personally, we have high expectations for CLO. We want to mention that whether you bought at the ATH of 5 cents, at our CMC listing launch price of 2 cents , today and/or have been a strong supporter of our project since the launch back in 2018, we want to make sure these changes bring a very positive impact to you. We will increase the utility of our coin through partnerships, more frequent updates on our socials, better AMAs, provide better liquidity, keep working on milestones that have not been achieved and many more things that the community wants.

We believe that CLO is really undervalued for all the work, money, efforts, community and the potential Callisto Network has, and we’ll make sure to bring great updates these upcoming weeks.

About the upcoming updates

We will be announcing every update on our twitter page and telegram. We will also be working with an influencer on Youtube to announce the next updates in interviews with a few team members and your favorite devs.

If you have any questions feel free to drop by and ask them! Your constructive feedback is always welcomed.

See you next Friday!