Ask Me Anything With Alejo Chababo 19/11/2018

@Alejo: Hello everybody,

I want to make an statement before starting the AMA:

About Airdrop. We want to make clear that Callisto Network was going to provide 1M CLO to Coinomi. But the Airdrop was going to be distributed by them. It was a 3rd party Airdrop. We didn’t make/control/check the bot nor the database of the Airdrop. We were going to provide the coins. Nothing else. The Coinomi Airdrop was canceled by them. Nothing we can do about it. If you have any questions you can ask at Coinomi official telegram channel.

Just wanted to know about the future course of action on further exchanges listings.

We finished the listing and partnership with Dobitrade. Right now I’m negotiating with Coinbene and started to talk with Exmo

What are the most important events planned before the end of this year?

About listing: I want to get listed on at least 4 more exchanges. Exmo, Coinbene, HitBTC, Kucoin, Bittrex

About marketing: I will keep doing some analytics and making promotions around the globe and keep spreading the word about Callisto Unique features as Cold Staking

Alejo, what is your vision of Callisto’s future and crypto world 1/5/10 years?

We are right now on the hardest part of adoption. Investor or users do not know what to buy and how to buy. There still so many options to invest and still VERY low real use cases. Everybody is doing their own coin/token and promising to be the future of electronic payments – the future of smart contract platform – the future of BLABLABLA. As Callisto Network are happy and comfortable to say this: We Have a vision, we have a target and we have 2 real uses cases.

A lot of questions and news. I want to hear how things are going with HitBTC? They got LO? Answered? When listing? Let’s start with these questions.

HitBTC has received our papers. Now we need to wait for their answer. It’s Already paid and CLO technology implemented. They will only need to update nodes.

hello, I am an investor and I am concerned about the Callisto price. what are the price forecasts for 90 days?

I can’t tell you this. I was (everyone in here) expecting a price increase by this days. But the reality is that a LOT of funds escaped from the crypto space. Billions of dollars are being liquidated. Billions of dollars out of the market. This will affect every coin. The Good thing is that we are riding the market wave. This time is a negative wave. but we believe that if we keep in this course, the next big wave will affect our price positively

What is the reason for such a large CLO emission? Isn’t that too much?

Alejo, did you stake your Clo?

Yeah I did 😛

So i want to ask what is exactly the deal with Dobitrade ??

Every Coin that is going to be listed on Dobitrade, will have to buy CLO and lock it for a period of time during the Audition. In case everything is ok, the funds are returned (Just like another Audition). If the results of the audition are bad (bad= security issues) Dobitrade will instantly close the trading of that coin in their platform, and they will have to fix it. They could pay Callisto for this fix.

And why not to negotiate with coinall one exchange of okex

I got an interesting connection to start negotiations with Okex directly. This is not confirmed so I will post about this in the future.

Alejo, i want to ask about Russian speaking community, what about yobit, we all want to buy/sell clo with our fiat well

Exmo will help on this.

Alejo who will be the guy who will do the social media promotion ?? You were talking before about twitter and Facebook promotion. Who will do this job ? Or you will hire a good guy for it

I will hire an external source with great reach.

can we expect events that will raise the price in December?

Well. You can see that every week there is some important announcements/news. Listing, Partnerships, Ads Campaign, Cold Staking. We will keep doing our jobs and will keep bringing news. The price down doesn’t mean that the work is not being done. In fact, if you make a recap, a lot of news and things happened lately this year.

But the reality is that the whole market isn’t helping. The cycle is making everybody’s portfolios looking red

What about new advisers, you said that few good news

Want to close deals before announcement

Alejo may i ask about your plan of December ?

We will close more deals as we did with Dobitrade. Where not only promotions or listings, but to make people use Callisto features.

When a listing on Dobitrade there is?


Imagine that you are at a crypto conference and a large enough investor approached you. If you can interest him in the purchase of CLO? If so, how? What are the main aspects you would highlight?

If he is a businessman interested in business: No one cares about Security until they got hacked. Smarts contracts are a reality, and every day will be more and more of them. Apart from the crypto space, the technology behind the coins, Blockchain, and Smart contracts are great for everyone. But they need to be secured. This is why we created Callisto Free Audit Department.

If he is an Investor: Masternodes – Pos – Pow. What about a guy that just only want to do some kind of a Fixed term investment. Something that everybody in the world knows what is it and how it works. This is Cold Staking. No software, No hardware, no wallets opened. Just pure investment. And is not only “Luck”. Is not buying a coin and hoping it can reach and ATH and sell it. This is a Real feature. You buy this coin, you lock it and you get a reward.

@Alejomc, Dobitrade type negotiation might also work with Binance being a very serious exchange with security issues. Your views on this ?

I will approach every exchange with the same deal. We want to secure the exchanges.

How many it is necessary to buy Clo to book audit of a coin for listing on Dobitrade?

It depends on how complicated/long is the smart-contract

Alejo just one question plz. When we will start negotiation with Binance ?

When HitBTC is done I will start this milestone

I Want to finish this AMA telling you this(our community, our supporters, our eyes, and ears):

Thanks for trusting us. Thanks for keeping the name of Callisto clean, inside and outside the telegram channel. Every day will be people who will want to create fud or maybe complain about something irrelevant. They will claim that we as a team are scammers and you as supporters are idiots. Never forget that we have 2 real uses cases (95% of the coins out there doesn’t have 1 real use) and we don’t need to compete with other blockchains, we have our goals that are different from the rest.